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Divoom® Ditoo Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Retro Pixel Display Blue

Divoom® Ditoo Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Retro Pixel Display Blue

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Meet Divoom Ditoo, you've probably already seen them on your favorite Youtuber. This is the most visually appealing, fun and adorable speaker with the most features. Now you too can get this!

Nice gadget to kill boredom at home

Easily create yours own pixel art via the app, what a nice one outlet is for your creativity. Create characters like Mario, Spider-Man, Animal Crossing, Zelda, emojis... the only limit is your imagination.

Or get access to over 1000+ designer in our free pixel art community from the Divoom app. You can chat, comment, and make friends with other artists.

Bring your pixel art to life

Enjoy all you favorite music via Spotify, with the well-tuned 10W DSP speaker with equalizer. Let your pixel art dancing to the rhythm of your music. Isn't that nice and cool?

Smart clock for a good night's sleep

You can leave it plugged in to use it as a table clock or bedside alarm clock. Built-in white noise on the free app keeps you sleeping well.

All in One

In addition to unleashing your creativity with pixel art and playing music, the Divoom Ditoo can do much more. Get notifications from your social media, plan your entire week with the calendar app, play fun games with your friends, and so much more.

Perfect gift

The Divoom Ditoo comes in a gift bag, with a personal thank you and packed in a matching storage box. This way it is immediately ready to give to your loved ones as a gift.

In the package:
✔️ Ditoo speaker
✔️Gift box
✔️ Storage box
✔️ USB-C Cable
✔️ Various stickers & poster
✔️ Manual
✔️ Warranty Card

Divoom pixel art has taken the online world by storm and every influencer wants to showcase theirs. Now it's your chance to get this fun and handy all-in-one gadget yourself.

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