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Tefal SW852D12 - Sandwich maker - Stainless steel

Tefal SW852D12 - Sandwich maker - Stainless steel

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It Tefal SW852D12 Sandwich maker is suitable for making both sandwiches and waffles due to the different plates. This Tefal sandwich maker comes with two different plates (sandwich and waffle) and a storage box. This device can be expanded to 16 different plates.

With this Tefal sandwich maker you can be seduced by the delicious possibilities of the plate sets at any time of the day. The Tefal sandwich and waffle maker Snack Collection and the collection of plates are not to be missed. A range of recipes will provide delicious dishes that you can enjoy on your own or share with friends, family or just the two of you.

For a delicious breakfast or brunch, a feast or a real gastronomic experience. The removable and interchangeable plates are easy to store in their box sets. In addition, you can clean the non-stick coating and dishwasher-safe plates in no time.

Product benefits of the Tefal SW852D12 - Sandwich maker - Stainless steel:

This Tefal sandwich maker comes with 2 plates (sandwich and waffle) and a storage box and can be expanded to 16 plates.

Easy to clean due to the Tefal non-stick coating.

Practical and neat to store thanks to the storage boxes.

Equipped with an on/off switch for safe use.

Additional information about the Tefal SW852D12 Sandwich Maker:

Now enjoy the Tefal Snack Collection every moment of the day. With friends, family, as a couple or completely alone, Snack Collection is suitable for every situation, because you can choose from 16 different plates, depending on your wishes.

Different devices are no longer necessary, from now on you simply change the plates and store them quickly and neatly after use. The SW852D Snack Collection comes with two different plates as standard for making sandwiches and waffles.

The following plates are additionally available: sandwich plates, triangular sandwich plates, grill/panini plates, waffle plates, panini plates, waffle plates, heart waffle plates, flower-shaped waffle plates, filled waffle plates, French toast plates, mini pancake plates, poffertjes plates and donut plates.

The plates all come with a storage box and a recipe book. The Snack Collection is also equipped with LED lighting, so you can see when the plates are at the right temperature.

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