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Philips - 7000 series DST7061/30 steam iron

Philips - 7000 series DST7061/30 steam iron

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Thanks to the SteamGlide Elite soleplate, you can glide effortlessly over your favorite piece of clothing with the Philips Philips 7000 Series DST7022/40. This soleplate prevents you from sticking. The iron has a continuous steam production of 55 grams per minute. The highest steam production of the 7000 series irons. With the steam boost of 250 grams per minute you can easily remove wrinkles from jeans. Lime adheres to the lime collector. You simply rinse it under the tap. Because the iron also steams vertically, you hang your clothes on a hanger while steaming. If you are not using the DST7022/40, it will switch off automatically. Handy, because this way you don't accidentally touch the hot iron.

Brief specifications

Type of iron Steam iron Anti-limescale system Limescale collector Steam production steam boost 250 g/m Automatic switch-off Refillable during use Continuous steam production 55 g/m Steam tip
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