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HeatsBox Style

HeatsBox Style

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The HeatsBox Style from Faitron

Are you looking for a practical and stylish way to take your hot meal with you everywhere? Then the HeatsBox Style from Faitron the electric one lunch box for adults ! With different compartments, a removable inner shell and 100% leak-proof design, this stainless steel lunch box offers everything you need. The two powerful temperature-controlled heating elements ensure that your meal remains at the perfect temperature. Forget the microwave, this is the ideal alternative!

  • With the HeatsBox Style electric lunch box from Faitron you can enjoy hot meals wherever and whenever you want!
  • Heat your food to 85° degrees.
  • Specially designed for adults, ideal for on the go, in the office or while studying.
  • This lunch box is made of high-quality stainless steel, which means quality and durability!
  • With different electrical compartments you can heat your dishes separately and enjoy different flavors.
  • Thanks to the 220V connection, you can use this lunch box anywhere and you never have to look for a microwave again.
  • The HeatsBox Style is 100% leak-proof, so no worries about spills in your bag or backpack.
  • The removable inner bowl makes cleaning super easy, no more hassle with dirty lunch boxes! (Expansion possible)
  • With the two powerful temperature-controlled heating elements in the base, your meal is always perfectly warm and ready to eat.
  • Choose the HeatsBox Style and enjoy a healthy and hot meal wherever you are, a better alternative than fast food!

Frequently asked questions about the HeatsBox Style from Faitron:

  1. What makes the HeatsBox Style different from other lunch boxes?
    The HeatsBox Style is not just an ordinary lunch box. It's a smart lunch box that can heat up food and keep it warm, wherever you are! This means you can always enjoy a hot, tasty meal, without the hassle of microwaves or canteens.
  2. How exactly does the HeatsBox Style work?
    The HeatsBox Style uses advanced technology to heat your food. You simply place your food in the heating compartment and close the lunch box. It starts heating up at the touch of a button and you will have a delicious hot meal within minutes.
  3. What types of food can I heat up with the HeatsBox Style?
    The HeatsBox Style is suitable for most types of food, such as pasta, rice, soup, stews. It's easy to take your favorite dishes with you and heat them up wherever you go.
  4. Is the HeatsBox Style safe to use?
    Yes absolutely! Safety is a top priority at Faitron and the HeatsBox Style has been extensively tested and meets all relevant safety standards. The lunch box is equipped with a smart security system that prevents overheating and is made of high-quality materials that are food safe.

Electric Lunch Box for Adults

The HeatsBox Style is the perfect electric lunch box for adults. With its elegant stainless steel design, this lunch box is not only functional, but also stylish.

Different Electrical Compartments

With the HeatsBox Style you can take different dishes with you at the same time. This lunch box is equipped with multiple electrical compartments, so you can keep your lunch warm and store different dishes separately.

Alternative to a Microwave

The HeatsBox Style is the perfect alternative to a microwave. Thanks to the two powerful temperature-controlled heating elements in the bottom of the lunch box, you can easily heat up your hot meal. This way you can enjoy a delicious hot lunch anytime, anywhere, without having to rely on a microwave.

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