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HeatsBox GO - Elektrische Lunchbox met ingebouwde Accu

HeatsBox GO - Elektrische Lunchbox met ingebouwde Accu

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Faitron HeatsBox GO - Electric Lunch Box with built-in battery

Are you also done reheating your lunch in the microwave every day? Meet the HeatsBox GO from Faitron , the electric lunch box for adults that also works on a rechargeable battery! With its various electrical compartments and removable inner bowl, you can now enjoy a hot, leak-free meal at any time. With the app, available in Google Play and iOS , you can set the temperature exactly how you want it. This is the solution for all your lunch needs! And as an extra bonus, you will receive the HeatsBox GO in a luxurious gift box.

  • With the electric lunch box HeatsBox GO from Faitron you can enjoy hot meals wherever and whenever you want!
  • Heat up your food within 15 minutes!
  • Thanks to the built-in battery, you can heat up food wherever and whenever you want!
  • Download the App & set the HeatsBox GO completely to your liking, you regulate the temperature and the Heatsbox indicates when it is ready!
  • Specially designed for adults, ideal for on the go, in the office or while studying.
  • This lunch box is made of high-quality stainless steel, which means quality and durability!
  • With different electrical compartments you can heat your dishes separately and enjoy different flavors.
  • Thanks to the 220V connection, you can use this lunch box anywhere and you never have to look for a microwave again.
  • The HeatsBox GO is 100% leak-proof, so no worries about spills in your bag or backpack.
  • The removable inner bowl makes cleaning super easy, no more hassle with dirty lunch boxes! (Expansion possible)
  • With the two powerful temperature-controlled heating elements in the base, your meal is always perfectly warm and ready to eat.
  • Choose the HeatsBox GO and enjoy a healthy and hot meal, wherever you are, a better alternative than fast food!

Electric Lunch Box for hot meals on the go!

Enjoy a hot lunch anywhere with the HeatsBox GO. The electric lunch box has two powerful temperature-controlled heating elements in the bottom, so your meal is heated quickly and evenly. No more cold meals during your lunch breaks!

Handy Lunchbox with App for ultimate control!

The HeatsBox GO comes with a handy app that you can download from Google Play or the iOS App Store. The app allows you to adjust the temperature and heating settings of the lunch box, so that your meal is always heated perfectly. Use the app to preheat the lunch box remotely and enjoy a hot meal as soon as your break starts.

Stylish lunch box for adults, perfect for on the go!

The HeatsBox GO is not just a lunch box, it is a stylish accessory that is perfect for adults who want to enjoy a hot meal on the go. The lunch box is made of high-quality stainless steel and comes in a luxurious gift box. With its removable inner shell and 100% leak-proof design, the HeatsBox GO is the ideal companion for all your lunch adventures.

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